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What you need to know about advertising consent on Jodel
What you need to know about advertising consent on Jodel
Updated over a week ago

Hello Jodelers,

From Monday, January 15, 2024, we will be introducing a new function in our app: advertising consent. In this article, we explain what this is, why it is important, and how you can use it.

What is the advertising consent?

The advertising consent pop-up is a small window in our app that asks for your consent for targeted advertisements. In the pop-up, you can decide for yourself which advertising and tracking you want to allow. Don't worry; you can change your selection at any time in the settings under "Privacy Settings."

Why are we introducing the pop-up?

First and foremost, it's about whether we show you personalized ads (age, gender, etc.). This helps us to continue to operate Jodel free of charge. If you accept everything, nothing about your Jodel experience will change for you. If you don't want to see individual ads, you can adjust this option in your Settings > "Privacy Settings". This will not change the amount of advertising displayed; it may just be less relevant to you.

You are probably familiar with this type of pop-ups for advertisements from other apps, which is usually displayed during registration.

The law also requires us to ask for this consent once a year. This means that you will see this window once a year from now on.

Your data, your choice

We respect your privacy. That's why it's important to us that you know exactly what happens to your data and that you retain control over it.

Do you have any questions? Take a look at our privacy policy or contact us directly via support. We are always ready to help you!


Here we go into a little more detail, as we have received further questions from the community. We hope that this will make things even more transparent for you.

Do 796 partners now have access to my data? And what are "partners" anyway?

"Partners" here refers to advertising networks and service providers that help us to offer personalized advertising. You decide which data you want to share with these partners. Only if you agree will your data be used for targeted advertising.

What data is used for advertisements?

For the personalized ads in our app, we use the following data to make the ads more relevant to you: Age, gender, profession or field of activity and location.

Our business model is ads. We do not sell or share any data!

Why have we only introduced this feature now?

We want to give you better control over your data and, at the same time, make the app compliant with the latest privacy regulations. This is nothing unusual and is introduced on all major social networks (usually during registration).

How can I deactivate all options?

To deactivate all options, simply go to the "Privacy settings" in the app. There, you can deactivate all options except those that are technically necessary for us and are not related to the ads.

Here is an overview of the most important settings in detail:

Performance cookies: We are constantly improving the product by measuring the global use of Yodel. If you deactivate these cookies, you will no longer be part of this data pool.

Functional cookies: In order to make your app as user-friendly as possible, we save, for example, which page of Yodel you last opened. If you deactivate this option, this type of functionality will no longer be available.

Personalized advertising: This is the most important option for you. Advertising networks try to optimize their ads so that you are potentially interested in them. These advertising networks are less likely to show you ads that are just annoying. If you deactivate this option, you will be shown the same amount of advertising, but it may no longer be relevant and potentially less interesting for you.

Information on your device & device identification: Advertising networks can recognize devices if, for example, interest in an ad has already been expressed (by a click). If you deactivate this option, you prevent recognition.

Use precise geolocation data: Sometimes providers place advertisements that only make sense for a certain catchment area (e.g. supermarkets, hairdressers, etc.). If you deactivate this option, this type of advertising can no longer be addressed to you and you may receive advertising from locations that are not relevant to you.

Once you have defined your settings, simply click on the Confirm button at the end of the dialog.

It may take a short time for your settings to take effect.

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