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What is the Jodel Guru program?
Updated over a week ago

The Guru program consists of Jodelers from all over the world. Both the HQ team and the program members themselves are international and connect people from many nations. Connect with other Gurus and learn about their cultures.

Our shared vision is to bring the Jodel values to the community. Furthermore, all members are our extended mouthpiece in the local moderator channels. The aim is for all communities to know and live the vision and values of Jodel.

We want to stay informed about our communities. It is therefore important for us that you give us regular feedback on what moves your (local) community. Whether positive or negative, praise or criticism - everything helps us to make Jodel a better place. We are also interested if you have the feeling that, for example, trolls or harassment are on the rise, various groups are trying to influence your community, or if there are any other important influences.

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