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What does a Guru do?
Updated over a week ago

Being a Guru is based on passion and the interest in creating a better Community in Jodel. Not as a 24/7 required task, but rather as a hobby and the open possibility to choose in what you would like to participate.

A Guru is...

  • the connection between the Jodel HQ, our moderators and our users

  • sharing feedback about the app, releases and bugs with the HQ

A Guru does...

  • create bug-reports on Discord

  • educational work and shares knowledge in the @moderation channel

  • resolve questions from our Jodel-moderators in the @moderation channel

  • share information from the HQ as a verified user in discussions and other Jodels*

  • internal tests of new features*

* These tasks are optional and not necessarily to be done

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