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What benefits do I receive with Jodel Plus?
What benefits do I receive with Jodel Plus?
Updated over a week ago

A Jodel Plus-subscription offers you many new opportunities and benefits, enhancing your experience within your community.

🚫 Ad-Free

Stay cool and enjoy an ad-free Jodel.

🚀 Weekly Boosts

In order to reach out to more local Jodelers, boost up to 3 posts for free!

😍 Weekly Reactions

React up to 3x a week on a Jodel or posts, in order to activate special powers.

🎨 Weekly Exclusive Colors

Create posts in exclusive colors for free - up to 3x a week!

📷 Daily Gallery-Uploads

Share up to 3 pictures per day directly from your gallery.

🧭 Explorer-Mode

Post, vote and share comments in every Jodel community - worldwide!

🧡 Exclusive App-Icons

Got your own style? No worries - your app-icon will have one, too!

🫰 Support Jodel

With Jodel Plus, you are taking care of our daily coffee and help us staying independent.

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