How do I delete my account?
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You can request your Jodel account to be deleted permanently at any time, either by using the account deletion in the app, or by contacting our Support Team.

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What does deleting my Jodel account mean?

Deleting your account is permanent and irreversible. All your personal data will be removed from our servers. The data that cannot be restored after deletion includes your published content, Karma and Votes, profile data as well as your in-app purchases.

After deletion has been completed:

  • we're unable to restore any of your content

  • we're unable to issue any refunds

  • all in-app purchases will be deleted

  • your account will not be able to be restored.

How does deleting my Jodel account work?

  1. Submit your deletion request via app or by contacting our Support

  2. The deletion will take place 14 days from when you submit your request

  3. After deletion date, we'll have removed all your personal information from our servers

Can I cancel the deletion of my Jodel Account?

Yes, you're able to cancel the account deletion within the app at any time within the 14 day period, or by contacting our Support Team.

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