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How do I report inappropriate content?
How do I report inappropriate content?
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You're scrolling through your feed or channels...and suddenly, you're reading a post that is violating the Guidelines. Such cases should be reported and sent to moderation in order to keep our community clean and with #GoodVibesOnly.

How does reporting work in the app?

Please follow these steps to report violating content in the app.

  1. Tap on the three dots in the upper-right of a post

  2. Tap on Report abuse in the pop-up list

  3. Select the corresponding reason for the report

Can I challenge decisions that seem to be wrong?

With community-based moderation, we want to embrace our users in self-regulating #GoodVibesOnly within their local communities. Therefore, the moderation process should be as democratic as possible and involves as many input as needed.

If you think that a decision made by the moderation is wrong and supports content or users that violate our Guidelines, you can challenge the decision by contacting our Support. Therefore please send us either:

  • a share-link of the corresponding Jodel or answer

  • date and time, place, channel and wording of the Jodel or answer.

Our Support will then have a closer look into the post as well as the specific moderation process and will act accordingly.

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