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What does affect my status as moderator?
What does affect my status as moderator?

Keeping #GoodVibesOnly in moderation is all-important. Here, we'll give you a glimpse into what may affect your moderator status.

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How do moderators lose their status?

Moderation decisions are constantly monitored by our algorithms and administrators in order to ensure compliance with our Guidelines. Decisions on reported content still need choices of more than one moderator, whereas every single moderator's decision will be checked individually to avoid misuse of the status.

When making wrong choices in decisions on a more frequent basis, moderators firstly will be muted. After further checks, the final step is revocation of the moderator status.

Muting in moderation tasks and decisions

If indications on misuse of the moderator privilege are present, the first step to intervene is to set the moderator in mute-status. This means that all tasks and decisions made by a specific moderator will not count into the final decision-making by the algorithm.

Every muted task and decision will be checked by our algorithms and administrators for compliance with our Guidelines to ensure unbiased moderation within the community. This process might take some time in order to have a final decision on regranting or revoking the moderator status.

Final revoking of the moderator status

With further controls while being muted, our algorithms and administrators check if the moderator still misuses his privileges in a bad interest. If continuing to do so, the user will finally lose his moderator status and will be excluded from further tasks.

How do I challenge the status-revocation?

If you think that this decision has been made wrongfully, please get in touch with our Support so that we can further check your moderation history and previous decisions. Wrongly revoked moderator statuses may be regranted to specific users after more detailed investigations.

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