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How do I report emergencies or threats?
How do I report emergencies or threats?

Critical situations can be challenging for our users. Therefore, we'd like to give you an overview on how to act accordingly.

Updated over a week ago

If you witness an imminent danger in the feed (e.g.: suicidal declarations and thoughts, shooting- or bomb-threats), you can report these Jodels with the reason Emergency. The reported post then will be forwarded automatically to our Support team and will be hidden from your view.

The user will then receive, according to the urgency, either a sticky with information on different crisis-projects and contacts, or we'll inform the authorities about the situation.

Outside our office hours (9am to 5pm CET), you'll receive a pop-up and the request to directly get in touch with your local police station.

What information is needed by the police?

Outside our office hours, an emergency-team is available throughout the night for requests made by authorities. In case of an imminent danger, please send the police the following information:

  • our emergency contact for authorities ([email protected])

  • location, channel, date and time of the post

  • post details (exact wording; if possible: a screenshot or share-link)

If not already happened, we would like you to also proceed with the standard procedure stated above the red box, in order to have these cases documented in our systems, too.

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