How did I get banned?
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Reasons for account bans are multiple or extreme violations of our values and the Guidelines. The time-out is intended to help you reflect on your behavior and become a positive part of the raccoon community again.

Why did I receive a (temporary) ban?

Your time-out has occurred because you have repeatedly violated our values and guidelines. You should already have received the responsible content from us as a notification, so that you can better understand this step.

It is best to use this feedback to adjust your behavior according to the desired values in the community. This way, you can also protect yourself from further bans. And should there be heated discussions, don't forget that you can downvote, report, or hide content.

How do I avoid further bans?

With the following tips, we want to help you uphold the values of our community and make the anonymous space a place for appreciation and understanding:

  • Make sure to take another look into our Community Guidelines

  • Downvote content that you feel does not live up to the values like #GoodVibesOnly

  • Report or hide content that violates our Guidelines

What if a friend misused my phone?

Keep in mind that you alone are responsible for the actions of your device. Therefore, if there are temporary or permanent bans, we cannot reverse them. Furthermore, we cannot verify when your device is in your or someone else's hands.

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