How does Jodel Plus work?
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🚫 No advertisements

Every then and now, you'll see discussions regarding ad-models on digital platforms (thanks to you, Netflix!). Even if this discussion doesn't apply to us since we don't share your data with others, we know that data privacy is your no. 1. With Jodel Plus, you'll have the chance to completely remove ads.

You can even decide if you want to see boosted posts or not - choose as you please!

🧧 Weekly benefits

Every Monday, Jodel Plus users will receive their weekly benefits to further enjoy their time on Jodel and get to know more people, share emotions and create life in the feeds.

3 Boosts

3 Reactions

3 Colors

⭐️ Exclusive content

For your time subscribing to Jodel Plus, you can enjoy various new app icons to reflect your personality in your phone - orange may be the new black, but not for everyone.

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the hottest topics of your country in an exclusive channel called @hotstories. This will be only available for iOS users. Join the newest talks, vote on your favorites and let your gossipy personality shine!

Exclusive app icons

Exclusive channel

🌍 Explorer Mode

Traveling around the world is a must-do - and a pricy thing on top! With Jodel Plus and the exclusive explorer mode, you will be able to set your location wherever you want. New York, Milan, matter where, just go there!

Besides setting your location wherever you please, you can also create your own posts, comments as well as vote and react on Jodels. What are you waiting for?

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