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How do I act seeing a wrong flag reason?
How do I act seeing a wrong flag reason?
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Sometimes, moderating content is not as easy as we think of. For example, wrongly flagged content can be such hurdle. How does the moderation keeps on working on those cases?

How do I decide when a wrong reason is stated?

If a harassing Jodel or comment has been reported as sexually explicit, the content itself still violates our values and Guidelines. Therefore, the content has to be blocked by moderators in order to keep our community and users in a safe environment.

Can I challenge decisions that seem to be wrong?

With community-based moderation, we want to embrace our users in self-regulating #GoodVibesOnly within their local communities. Therefore, the moderation process should be as democratic as possible and involves as many input as needed.

If you think that a decision made by the moderation is wrong and supports content or users that violate our Guidelines, you can challenge the decision by contacting our Support. Therefore please send us either:

  • a share-link of the corresponding Jodel or answer

  • date and time, place, channel and wording of the Jodel or answer.

Our Support will then have a closer look into the post as well as the specific moderation process and will act accordingly.

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