Quick Guide to Moderation
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Feedback on moderation decisions

If a post is unanimously blocked or approved by all moderators, it's shown to the rest of the moderation team as a so-called "control task". You'll see how your decision aligns with others. If you agree with the majority, you'll earn karma and gain affirmation of your moderation abilities. But if you disagree, your rank will decrease.

Your performance as a Moderator

Your performance is continually assessed and compared to other moderators active on the same day.

Your rank improves based on:

  1. Decision Quality: More correct decisions lead to a better rank.

  2. Moderation Frequency: The more you help eliminate harmful content, the higher your rank. Regular check-ins add bonus points.

  3. Security Algorithms: These assist us in evaluating moderators.

Quality is more important than quantity, but to top the ranks, you need to excel in both.

Defining a "correct" decision

A "correct" decision in our system aligns with the majority of our trusted moderators' decisions. This is based on following our guidelines and receiving algorithmic approval.

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