What is a Guru?
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The Guru Program consists of Jodelers from various parts of the world. Both the Jodel team and the members themselves are international, connecting people from many nations. Connect with other Gurus and learn about their cultures on and off the Jodel platform.

Our shared vision is to carry the values of Jodel into the community. Additionally, all members serve as our extended voice into the local moderators' channels. The goal is for all communities to know and embrace the Jodel vision and values.

We want to stay informed about our communities. Therefore, it's important for us that you regularly provide us with feedback about what's happening in your (local) community. Whether it's positive or negative, praise or criticism – everything helps us to make Jodel a better place. We're also interested if you feel that, for example, trolls or harassment are increasing, different groups are trying to influence your community, etc.

What is a Guru?

A Guru is a moderator who knows the (local) community well, understands the values and rules of Jodel, and wants to take the community to the next level in collaboration with Jodel HQ.

Requirements to become a Guru

  • 1 year on Jodel

  • Active and effective moderation

  • Good understanding of the guidelines & Jodel values

  • Closely connected to the local community

  • Be reliable & independent

  • Willingness to actively contribute

Responsibilities of a Guru

Being a Guru is based on passion and interest to build better communities on Jodel. You are not obligated to do all of this and constantly think about it. This should be your hobby so you always have the opportunity to select if you want to be involved in something or not.

  • Gurus are the link between the Jodel HQ, the mods and the users. Share with Jodel HQ what's happening in your (local) community. This includes general feedback about Jodel, releases/new features, bugs, etc.

  • Report posts or improvement points regarding moderation that haven’t been addressed by moderation.

  • Educate moderators in the @Moderation channel. As a Guru, you should share your knowledge with other moderators and answer their questions.

  • Report bugs & create bug reports on Discord.

  • (Optional) Support Jodel HQ as a verified Jodel Guru in discussion threads and other community threads.

  • (Optional) Test new features.


As a Guru, you have direct contact with Jodel HQ, through which you can provide feedback, influence app development, and receive exclusive information, app versions, and new features in advance.

During your participation in the Guru Program, you will also receive a Jodel Plus membership to enjoy all the benefits of the app. Additionally, we celebrate further milestones - giving you the chance to receive additional special goodies. 🥳

If you prove yourself during the trial period and demonstrate good implementation, you will also receive a verified name (Jodel Guru) in the app.

During your trial period, you can showcase your abilities and receive a verified name (Jodel Guru) with good implementation. The distribution of this will be at the discretion of Jodel HQ.

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